"In the still of the night"

Sacramento, Ca

About Me

Lights camera and action! I love it all. My name is Patrick. I am a photographer from West Sacramento, CA. I started doing photography in 6th grade when my dad gave me a 35mm Pentax camera (that's film for you younger folks). I grew up taking photos and videos whenever I could. I took photography classes in highschool and was a photographer for my yearbook. I dabbled in events and portraits a bit after graduating but somewhere in the midst of becoming an adult, I lost my creative drive and stopped shooting. I ended up working as a mechanic, left to work at a Starbucks, and eventually left there to deal cards in a casino. I love working at a casino but ever since covid changed the world with that shutdown, I always felt like I was destined for something different. During the quarantine, I thought a lot about what I should do and once I picked up my camera after such a long time; I knew that I wanted to continue where I left off and go all in on making photography my career. Presenting the world through a different perspective, capturing precious memories, and sharing amazing experiences is what I was destined to do.